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The Banyan Tree represents a carefully selected collection of companies, brands, groups and individuals recognized by the community as leaders within their chosen disciplines.We provide access to industry leading guidance spanning facility design; genetic acquisition; cultivation; sales strategy and marketing implementation.Through our extensive network and deep understanding of both the cultivation and the business sides of the industry, The Banyan Tree is able to quickly address the needs of our various clients with industry leading expertise.These talented individuals and organizations continuously enrich their communities and have notably contributed to improving specific aspects of cannabis quality within their respective regions.

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The risks already taken, sacrifices already made, and insight learned by various, often first-to-market, vanguard entrepreneurs, have proven to be invaluable resources for licensed companies seeking to expand their bottom-line in a highly competitive and constantly changing business and regulatory environment.

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Be it genetic material, brand licensing, breeder consultations, product development, distribution, sales and marketing strategies or education, The Banyan Tree is committed to sourcing, securing and providing professional mentorship, time-sensitive materials, guidance, expertise, insight and advice.

Joshua Steensland

Joshua started his cannabis cultivation journey in 1997 and has been cultivating continuously since. In 2008 he started his own consultancy in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. During this time he was the propagation director and taught cultivation classes at Southern Oregon NORML where he also developed a cultivation site inspection protocol aimed at qualifying and matching skilled cultivators, as providers, with medical cannabis patients unable to cultivate for themselves.Joshua continued to hone his cultivation skills and completed Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web Foundation Course and continues to consult for cultivators around the world. In 2019, he oversaw the planting and cultivation of 700,000 high CBD hemp plants over 100 acres and produced over one million pounds of certified USDA organic product utilizing a number of techniques never attempted with hemp at that time. Some of these techniques include; intercropping with blueberries and using overhead, pivot, watering systems with great success.Josh is a co-founder of the Ohio Fire Factory, a Veteran owned and operated facility in Ohio that specializes in indoor, low THC hemp flower, to address the demand of that emerging market segment.Josh has been recognized as a thought leader in the indoor living soil community for many years, sharing a tremendous amount of information with the community via his YouTube channel, and more recently as a speaker at the Regenerative Cannabis Conferences as well as other platforms.Currently, Joshua specializes in regenerative cultivation practices that focus on biologically driven fertility systems. Allowing the plant and soil biology to drive the plants fertility we can close loops, bring the cost of goods down and increase quality. His understanding of how plants and healthy soil biology work together can help your facility reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase quality all the while building systems that are harmonious with the natural order


Harry and Natalie Rose moved to a homestead in Humboldt County, California to start a family. There they began a journey; farming their own food and cultivating their own cannabis flower. Harry had been diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disorder and had been through a lengthy period of traditional pharmaceutical treatments ultimately coming very close to death through desperation he was able to discover that cannabis was the only thing to provide any form of solution.So out of necessity, Harry became an expert in cultivation using organic and sustainable farming practices. And further, he developed his own, clean extraction method using organic food grade ethanol. All before 1990.Word spread of Harry's success at treating his own severe autoimmune disorder using clean, sustainable, organic cannabis. Harry was open to sharing his new found treatment with others. Harry’s reputation as a grower, as an extractor, and as a healer grew in the established Humboldt cannabis community, spreading to the greater US, then to the UK , to Europe and beyond. Ultimately Rosette Wellness was formed. By early 2000, dozens and soon hundreds of testimonials from other people began pouring in.Today, Harry Rose is a renowned thought leader in the cannabis industry and along with a passionate dedicated team he continues to operate the lab in Humboldt County making clean, organic, all natural cannabis products that are safe, effective and support healthy lifestyles. His own special brand of sustainable tinctures is available to consumers (both medical and recreational ) across California.

Ras Kaya Paul

Ras Kaya Paul is the owner/operator of the Legacy brand PacificNwRoots (est. 2010) He was born and raised on the Kitsap peninsula outside Seattle. He began smuggling in the mid 90’s while attending college near the Canadian border and parlayed his knowledge into a successful growing and breeding enterprise, working tirelessly to push the movement forward.He pioneered some of the first brick mortar collectives in Washington and is known for his staunch advocacy for medical cannabis. He is also the Founder of WorldWideRoots a multifaceted canna-business, encompassing world class hash making and internationally renowned seed company and lifestyle brand. PacificNwRoots currently operates a multi-million dollar legal production and processing operation in Washington state where they grow using beyond organic methods ( Including indoor, outdoor and greenhouse enviroments, specializing in solventless hash where Roots dominates the market.

Adam Mandel

Mission Hill Melts was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 2015 with one goal in mind: to create the highest quality solventless products for the discerning connoisseurs of New England. With a commitment to producing hand made, high quality, small batch products Mission Hill Melts has won several awards for their Rosin and Water Hash. While starting as a legacy operator, in recent years Mission Hill Melts has turned their eye to the legal market releasing products in both the Maine and Rhode Island medical marijuana programs. In addition to solventless production Mission Hill Melts also prides itself in its marketing and branding and hopes to offer marketing services for other cannabis brands.


We at the Banyan Tree understand the true value of genetics. We work closely with meticulously selected breeders we trust by representing their intellectual property as well as the brand on a global scale. The Banyan Tree leverages its network to promote the individuals and groups it represents and connects. We often identify innovative ways to capture synergies in new markets that ultimately translate to additional sources of revenue for our clients.


The Banyan Tree is rooted in solventless extraction but is very blessed to include a vast number of extraction specialists amongst its most trusted associates. From cryo-ethanol extraction, to commercial scale dry-sifting, to whole plant fresh frozen, to small-batch traditional hash production, The Banyan Tree is proud to represent a number of world class extractions specialists who are available for virtual or in-person consults both in Canada and abroad.


The Banyan tree is happy to work with its clients to provide insight and suggestions from the individuals who are recognized as pioneers and subject matter experts in their areas of specialization. That level of insight, coupled with a deep understanding of the regulatory framework and the consumer packaged goods product market is what we consistently deliver to our clients.

Brands & Licensing

The Banyan Tree selectively represents a number of brands that it has identified as standouts in their respective markets. Each of these brands has a proven and established connection with a particular consumer base, The Banyan Tree helps identify opportunities to leverage that brand in new and wider markets.


The Banyan Tree works closely with a number of equipment providers and manufacturers. Whether you are looking at automated solventless production vessels all the way to in-duct active air sanitation, The Banyan Tree is constantly researching and testing equipment to be able to provide our clients with the most up to date information, insights and reccomendations on the right equipment for the job.

and Facility Consultations

With direct access to many of the industry's leading subject matter experts The Banyan Tree is able to quickly assess what is needed and then bring in the particular individual best suited for your specific goals. From vertically stacked indoor to full term regenerative outdoor cultivation, The Banyan Tree can match you with the right solution to address your objectives in the most efficient manner possible.


The Banyan Tree understands that education is crucial to the success of products, companies and our industry overall. We work closely with a variety of groups and companies to help craft messaging around specific products to better reach and more importantly expand their target market.The Banyan Tree works closely with the Regenerative Cannabis Conference that puts on several cannabis and education focused events across North America for the last 5 years. Leveraging our extensive network The Banyan Tree is able to assist in a number of different capacities throughout the planning and execution of cannabis focused events.


Our passion for this plant is the reason behind the quality of service we consistently deliver. We provide the insight, knowledge, and resources our clients need to succeed in this industry.

Jameson Welbourn

Founder, The Banyan Tree.

Jameson started his journey with this plant in 2007 and began consulting in the Canadian space in 2016. Having overseen large multi-million-dollar projects spanning across multiple countries and regulatory jurisdictions, including Canada, the United States and the Caribbean, Jameson is able to bring together the unique and coveted skill of understanding the pain points and goals of both the grow-room and the board-room.Jameson’s experience with cultivation, post-harvest production, extraction, distribution, sales and financing, has earned him a strong reputation in both the traditional and the newly legal landscape both in Canada and the United States.Jameson is a founding member of Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a voice on several popular Cannabis podcasts, and is a natural connector of people and business opportunities.

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